The Flu Is Scary imageThe Flu Is Scary

The battle is upon us, and this seasonal supervillain is bent on
100% infection. Good vs. evil. Vaccinated vs. vulnerable.
The Flu Bug… is coming.

Will It Attack You imagevillainous Lies

The dastardly Flu Bug has hatched an evil plan to make citizens across the state sick by spreading disease and myths
about influenza and its vaccination.

But South Dakota’s greatest superheroes can annihilate him—with the power of facts.

Myth #1

“I’ve been vomiting and in and out of the bathroom—it’s the flu!”


Myth #2
Side Effects

“I’ve heard the flu vaccine gives you the flu!”


Myth #3

“I hear the flu vaccine can make you vulnerable to other illnesses!”


Myth #4

“Someone told me the flu vaccine is only 10% effective!”


Myth #5

“I wait until December for my vaccination so my immunity lasts longer!”


Arm Yourself with Knowledge

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Freakishly Frightening Videos imageFreakishly Frightening Videos

The ultimate blockbuster is hitting cities statewide—are you ready for the Immunity War? Grab your sneak
peek in the epic, exclusive footage below.

What You Can Do image The Ultimate Superpower

All is not lost. There is hope. The gallant heroes of South
Dakota can stop the Flu Bug from completing his evil plan.
The answer is vaccination—the ultimate superpower…
Find a vaccination outpost near you!