The Flu Is Scary imageThe Flu Is Scary

No matter the decade, the Flu Bug is here to spoil your totally tubular time. But an intrepid group of South Dakotans can band together to put a stop to his plot.

Get vaccinated. Keep the Flu Bug at bay.

You’ve got flu-mail!

Need to throw your friend a reminder about vaccination from the Flu Bug himself? Select one of these custom-made Flu-Mail videos, plug in their email address and smash that send button—they’ll be officially “bugged” in no time!

Flu Mail

Otherworldly Lies

The Flu Bug has some pretty not-so-gnarly falsehoods to keep you and the gang from getting your annual influenza vaccination. Steer clear of these tall tales…

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Myth #1


“Ugh, gag me with a spoon! I’ve been vomiting all night—must be the flu!”

Myth #2
Side Effects


“As if! That vaccine will just give me the flu, right?”

Myth #3


“The flu vaccine makes you, like, totally vulnerable to other diseases!”

Myth #4


“The vaccine is only 10% effective, guys—get real!”

Myth #5


“Why get your flu vaccine now? No way, dude! Wait until January so your immunity lasts longer!”

Get to the truth

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The Flu Bug is throwing it all the way back this year, but a gaggle of young adventurers can keep his shenanigans from infecting South Dakotans. Check out these fresh videos!

Your Treasure Map

The Flu Bug may be doing his best to keep you from the ultimate protection against influenza, but you’ve got a map where “X” marks the spot…

Find the nearest vaccination station!